About Us

Established in 2008, we started out small but with big objectives. From the beginning, we wanted to provide professional, convenient and effective solutions for employers and employees alike. Since then, we have grown to become an expert providing complete staffing services, with skilled consultants across Asia.

Our operating philosophy, ‘Warmth, Integrity, Responsibility, and Professionalism’, is something we are deeply committed to. We strive to exceed your expectations while keeping your interactions with us enjoyable. We believe in maintaining the human touch, and this is what sets us apart.

Inter Island Job portal is designed by a community of job experts to empower you in your hunt for jobs 

We understand the challenges you face in finding the company that best matches your expertise and experience. We solve this problem with the knowledge and experience of our experts and cutting-edge technology.

Our consultants employ not just the advanced algorithm and data analytics to accelerate the recruitment process but also provide end-to-end services to perfect the matching between you and your prospective employers.